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Diamond Facial The Diamond Facial awakens dormant cells and boosts the skin’s metabolic functions. The cellular life of the skin and the regeneration of healthy new cells are enhanced. Based on Ayurveda, the diamond facial is lie an elixir of youth for timeless eternal beauty. Facial which uses revolutionary ingredients to reinforce the natural system of the skin to restore yourfulness and natural brightness. The combination of touch and healing quartzes make this a unique treatment for those who are looking to achieve results while experiencing fabulous luxury. We are located at Sarabhai Road, Vadodara. We are also located at Ahmedabad.
Scrub Strawberry Body Scrub:- Strawberry is one of the most sensuous of the fruits due to its folic acid, which is widely known to remove toxins from the body, reduceinflammations of joints and helps with constipation and liver failure. The natural acid in our stawberry scrub helps remove toxins fromyour body, penetrate deep into pores cleaning them, remove debris and impurities, and tighten pores.